Technology as Your Personal Wellness Coach

By June 6, 2014Captive Reach

Recently we’ve noticed more and more online tools and mobile applications catered to helping users stay balanced–emotionally, professionally and physically. Here at P6 we like to get to know our clients that integrate their needs with digital to keep them on top of the latest trends. Since our readers and clients are always online or on-the-go, we figured this post may be useful to many of them. These sites and apps consist of tips, lists, infographics and quizzes that target improvement of one’s overall well-being. In this technology-driven generation, it’s humbling to see that these tools also offer several resources for human interests. These are a few of our favorites that we’ve “stumbled upon”:

Work Life Balance

  • The Daily Muse – This website offers daily advice articles regarding one’s career. Their use of social media and e-mail marketing is phenomenal and always useful. When it comes to resumé help, job boards and career placement quizzes, this is the ideal place to go. The Muse also provides How-To’s and Do’s/Don’ts Lists for job searching and advancing in your career.
  • iVillage – This multi-faceted site has advice columns and articles for all aspects of your life. From food/fitness and beauty to relationships and entertainment. The “More” section includes community challenges, which inspire users to be better each day-whether it is fitness, beauty, entertainment or family-oriented-it’ll prevent you from ever saying you’re bored again. It also has a full mobile application where you can access all that it has to offer on-the-go.
  • Happify – Want to be happier? Then download this app or sign up online. It’ll help you set personal emotional goals to get you where you want to be. This ranges from thinking positively and believing in yourself, to bigger aspirations such as accomplishing your psychological goals and staying motivated with personalized activities designed by psychologists and neuroscientists. It also provides articles behind the science of lifelong happiness.
  • Lumosity – Taking care of our bodies is important, but we rarely think about how we should take care of our brains. This app and website allows you to play games and activities that train your brain for full function speed, memory and problem solving. You can personalize the program and track your progress every time you use it.
  • Hot5 Fitness – Getting in shape can be a challenge, but this highly-rated, interactive app helps make it fun for you to achieve your goal. With real-life trainers who each focus on a specific part of your workout routine, it’s easy to stay on track. You can also share your results with friends and motivate each other to work hard.

No matter what your personal goal is, and what your tech tool of choice is, there’s most likely an app or website to help you get there. Just check out your smart phone’s application center as well as unique interest-based, web searching tools like StumbleUpon to uncover mechanisms you’ve never heard of before. You can even follow these platforms on social media for updates on recent news in that particular industry, which if you know technology, you know they come quite often.

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