Four Ways to Generate Leads Using Social Media

By November 6, 2013Blog


Written by Haley Messner

Today, social media is considered to be a vital business practice and if properly implemented, a successful social media strategy is key in order to generate leads and in turn, sealing the deal to new customers.  Likes, retweets, and connections are only just the beginning. User engagement is vital, and according to an article written by (Brand Republic) social media success means having an online presence that communicates your brand and delivers measurable results. Those measurable results should translate into paying customers. Research shows that 77% of B2C marketers claim that they have gained a customer through Facebook, and 83% of marketers agree that the importance of Facebook has increased over the last two years. Easier said than done right? Here are Five tips on being real and generating leads.

1) Tweet About It: According to Mobile Marketer, “Twitter is a platform that requires brands to give more than they get in order to keep their relationships strong and ongoing.” With only 140 characters possible, users must generate a direct and to the point message. However, just as one would not generally walk up to a stranger and push a product in their face, the simple size of a tweet should not deter from the real conversation necessary.

2) Be Human: Businesses are increasingly using social media marketing to generate leads and reach out to potential customers, which makes speaking a language that is human and relatable key. The first step is to communicate in a way that a customer will listen to, hear and understand. Content should not sound like a written report but rather a real life human conversation.

3) Build Rapport: Customer service doesn’t end in an online community, as a matter of fact it arguably becomes more important. In order to maintain a strong social presence, businesses must build a strong rapport with their customers and understand what excites and motivates their audience. Retweet, like and have conversations with users. Remember that building and maintaining a relationship is a two way street.

4) Consistency is Key: Next comes consistency, postings should refrain from switching tones and styles, and should be both familiar and reliable to a customer.

Mastering communication through social media is no easy task, however successful and targeted communication can make the difference between a mere “like” or “follow” and an actual paying and involved customer. To keep it short and sweet, be simple. Communicate with a customer online the same way you would in person, and treat your online customers as real humans, because that is exactly what they are.

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