President & CTO, Founder

David Turner is the President and CTO, Founder of Parallel6TM. He founded the company in 2009 with a vision to bring an enterprise mobile engagement platform to the internet of things through a mobile device, Google Glass, or other endpoints used to capture and engage with consumers. Under his vision, Parallel6TM has focused efforts in the commercial, government, and other regulated verticals. An extension of his vision is shaping the technology towards solving real world problems in clinical trials. This has resulted in an important pivot point for the business, focusing the Captive Reach technology platform towards solving patient retention issues in clinical trials. The new product is Clinical6TM. David is a primary inventor for several patents. He has been a key technology contributor to the business and continues his visionary focus on product excellence and product compliance towards multiple regulated industries. Big data, algorithmic rule based functions, and pragmatic software development and leadership are just a few of his areas of excellence.

David comes to Parallel6TM from Silicon Valley where he held many roles including the VP of IT at Liberate Technologies, VP of Operations at DemandTec and VP of Technical Operations at MobiTV. David has over 20 years of technical and engineering operations experience managing SaaS cloud systems, agile processes, engineering/technology teams and client support teams around the world. Additionally he has served in multiple capacities including the Board of Directors for technology companies both in the US and abroad. David is a Certified Information System Auditor. He holds a BS in Economics and a MS in Information Systems from Louisiana State University.