Parallel 6 Brings Brand Messages to Life with Augmented Reality Built Into Captive Reach Mobile Platform 3.0

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Liz Rogers

Parallel 6 Brings Brand Messages to Life with Augmented Reality Built Into Captive Reach Mobile Platform 3.0

SAN DIEGO (Aug. 31, 2013) — Parallel 6, a multi-channel mobile technology company, announced the release of its updated mobile platform, Captive Reach 3.0. The enhanced platform implements all of the components of an Augmented Reality advertising network by bringing static images to life, engaging the consumer with sight and sound, and collecting powerful insights to drive revenue.

Captive Reach is a single enterprise technology platform that powers mobile apps. Combining social, digital, web, and mobile marketing strategies into one platform, Captive Reach 3.0 invites consumers to interact with the brand through AR targets. Brands and any of its sponsors can easily upload videos and AR targets into the system and then track powerful mobile insights like which consumers interacted with the ads, and when and where they were located when interacting with them.

Augmented Reality

“Brands want to create conversations and establish brand loyalty with consumers,” said Landis White, Parallel 6 Chief Technology Officer. “When someone uses their phone to point it at an AR-determined image and content plays back, that consumer chooses to interact with the brand and actually commits to a relationship with the brand. Captive Reach serves as an analytics tool that brands use to plan a communication strategy that will interact with consumers when they are moving about in their daily lives.”

Captive Reach utilizes a variety of technology modules to create experience-based advertising that engages customers. Captive Reach’s content management system allows brands to mange all of its application content from a mobile standpoint. Unlike competitors who implement features such as AR or insights independently from a platform, Captive Reach combines them all and makes the ability to turn its technology features on/off as easy as a flip of a switch. As soon as the following day, brands can capitalize on an opportunity and gather meaningful data that drives revenue. Then the platform can actually implement the strategy with any or all of Captive Reach’s features such as AR, image recognition, geolocation, push notifications, mcommerce, gamification, surveys, and more.

Captive Reach 3.0 is created for clients in the United States, Latin America and Asia Pacific. The mobile technology can be a branded solution for each client or easily integrated with an existing mobile application through the platform’s enhanced open API.

For press inquiries about Captive Reach and Parallel 6, please contact Nikki Jimenez at 619-233-7778 or To request a Captive Reach technology demo, please contact 619-269-1063.


About Parallel 6:
Parallel 6, a multi-channel mobile technology company, is the creator of Captive Reach, an all-encompassing enterprise mobile platform. Captive Reach influences consumer behavior, enhances brand recognition and builds strong client-customer relationships. Parallel 6 also offers a suite of managed services such as social media and campaign management, SEO, design, and website creation. The company serves a wide array of B2B and B2C companies including retailers, finance, gaming, e-commerce, hospitality, daily-deal companies, restaurants and professional service firms around the globe. The firm is headquartered in San Diego with offices in Mexico, Ukraine and China. For more information, visit

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