Mobile Apps Allow Event Planners to Advance and Stay Connected to Guests Longer

By January 30, 2013Blog, Tech, Thought

Written By: Liz Rogers

With over 85 percent of the population using mobile phones, it’s safe to say that they will be sticking around for quite some time. Not only that, but mobile phones are changing the way that all people interact. For businesses especially, mobile phones are being utilized to communicate with investors, clients and employees. It’s no longer an option to ignore the mobile experience when trying to create engagement across all audiences. For event planners, this means that mobile is the future of planning meetings, conferences and special events.

Business events are a great way for people to connect with other attendees, create new contacts and learn about how specific products and brands can benefit their needs. Event planners should expect similar results from their event such as:

  • Using logos to build brand awareness
  • Distributing content at an affordable rate
  • Allowing sponsors to connect with prospective leads
  • Keeping track of leads
  • Boosting event attendance

With mobile apps all of these results are possible. One of most obvious aspects of planning an event is making sure that people actually show up. By creating an app for an event, those who plan to attend the event can download the app in advance. In doing so, guests can see the activities planned for the event, know the sponsors in advance, be familiar with the company’s logo and connect with other attendees on the guest list before the event even happens. Also, if people download the app, but do not attend the event, they can still participate in the conversation and get current newsfeed during the event via the app.

By using apps to plan events, it reduces printing costs and one’s carbon footprint. Also, having content on an app holds a huge advantage over those flyers that people take home and eventually throw away; using an app allows event planners to monitor what content is being viewed by guests and measure the amount of interaction generated between guests and sponsors. Measuring the interaction between guests and sponsors is the key because generating leads for sponsors means an increase in revenue.

It’s also important to continue to stay connected with your audience even after the event takes place. By having guests check in via the app, you can keep track of all of your attendees and send them thank-you emails and push notifications for new updates after the event. Once your next event rolls around, you’ll already have a strong network of potential attendees. Let Parallel 6 help you plan your next event. Connect with us today!

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