Do You Have a Brand New Mobile Application?

By October 27, 2013Blog


Written by Kayla Phelps

So you have an awesome new mobile application for your business. It has all of the best features- image recognition, augmented reality and gamification. Why has it not gone completely viral? Well, here’s what you need to do:

  • A simple way to market your app is to upload appealing imagery to the app store, accompanied by interesting descriptions. If you have a killer app but a poor description, you’re selling your app short. Engage the consumer before they even download.
  • Search engine optimization is just as vital for websites to increase visitors as it is for mobile applications to increase downloads. You may want to hire a professional depending on your budget; otherwise there are plugins that will help you do it on your own. The SEO for app stores is called ASO (app store optimization).
  • With ASO, you must generate a list of keywords to help consumers in the app store find your app. It’s important to note that there’s a ton of competition out there and you will need to gather a good mix of relevant, high ranking keywords, along with some keywords that haven’t already been claimed by too many other companies. You can actually bid on keywords so that your website will come up first in search engines.
  • Pay per click is a way to get your ads posted on popular websites. You pay each time the ad is clicked so it pays for itself in the long run.
  • Social media marketing is an excellent way to get the word out. Americans spend such large portions of their day checking their social feeds that social is becoming the best way to reach people. A Facebook page dedicated to the app is a must, including continuous updates. Keeping the posts fresh is important to attract new consumers. Get to know your target market and engage! Answering questions and sharing helpful information are ways to make the consumer feel as though you are worth their time. And don’t take their feedback lightly, it could transform your app into something even better.
  • Blogging is also a great way to gather a following. Stimulating articles that drive consumers back to your site or app store are key. Press releases are a way to announce your new application. Give people something to be excited about as well as something that they believe they will use often. There are many popular blogs, online magazines and review sites that you can submit press releases and articles to.
  • A demonstration video added to your YouTube channel equals a free commercial. With the short attention spans of consumers today, if your product doesn’t catch a viewer’s eye immediately, they will move on to the next one in a matter of seconds. In a short video (4 minutes maximum) give a teaser for the app and highlight some of its best features. There are ways to amp up your YouTube views as well but that could be an entire article in itself.
  • Offer a free trial for the app to get consumers hooked. You can either offer upgrades for a fee or have the app expire after a period of time in which case the user would have to purchase it in order to continue.

Now get ranking in search results, represent that app to its fullest and watch your app spread like butter!

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