Mobile Advertising of the Future

By November 8, 2013Blog

bigstock-Mobile-Advertising-Concept--44113732In the next five years, mobile advertising will be taking one giant spending leap. According to a recent report from Juniper Research, spending for mobile advertising will increase from the 13 billion dollars we see today in 2013 to $39 billion in 2018. Why this drastic change? Many attribute Facebook’s success of targeted in-app advertising as a foreshadow to the opportunities that could arise from mobile advertising. It is predicted that advertisements will begin to steer away from having a negative stigma as they become more reward based and interactive for users.

While companies such as Facebook are seeing massive success from mobile advertising, other advertisers are more wary to jump on the mobile bandwagon. However, recent data and reports are showing the negative feelings associated with advertising are beginning to diminish as it is becoming more normal in our lives. What can we expect to see when it comes to the mobile advertising of the future?

Targeted Advertising: Location services, click to call and push notifications are just a few of the elements we will begin to see as more prominent in mobile. Users will not simply receive just any ads, but rather something that is targeted to them. Ads will appeal to the specific user and their interests.

App Discovery: Some predict that we will see advertising in the form of application recommendations. One mobile app, suggesting another, driving users to download and use another app. To put it simply, advertising an app on an app.

More Platforms: As we begin to see more organizations adopting mobile advertising,  it is likely that smaller companies that would generally overlook the idea will begin to see the opportunities that advertising on large sites such as instagram (who recently announced that they will be rolling out ads) could have for their organizations.

The relevance of mobile in today’s business world is no secret. As we continue to see data showing the increased amount of users accessing websites via mobile and even the success that organizations such as Facebook have from mobile, it comes to no surprise that over the next few years more advertisers will begin to adopt mobile advertising into their strategies. The question remaining is not if, but when.

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