Five Ways that Beacons Enhance Your Brand’s Marketing Agenda

By May 12, 2014Captive Reach

Here at Parallel 6, we are always looking for the most revolutionary ways for our clients to market their brands and know their audiences. Our latest favorite is the integration of Beacons. For those who don’t know what a beacon is, you can refer to DigiDay‘s simple definition: Beacons are devices that communicate with a shopper’s smartphone in the hopes of improving the in-store shopping experience. We’ve re-built quite a few client websites and mobile applications and have recently discovered the beacon’s successful marketing potential. Here are five ways they can enhance your brand’s marketing agenda:


    1. Know your target market – Because you’ll be able to track your users’ behavior with these mobile Beacons, you’ll start to learn who your market really is. This can be broken down in a variety of ways by demographics, interests and more. Depending on these things, you’ll know more about what they’re looking for, and how you will be able to provide that product/service, by personalization.
    2. Know your competitors – You’ll also gain access to what other places your consumer is visiting that can be potential competitors to you in your field. No matter what your brand, there are more like you that are constantly changing to grow their business, and in turn, take yours. Beacons will provide knowledge of the latest and greatest services you can be improving on in order to stay on top in your industry.
    3. Globalize your brand – Beacons are being used all over the world. If someone from another country is using the same marketing tools as you, they may just come across their need for your product/service.
    4. Provide convenience for consumers – There are many types of in-store Beacons that can make your customers’ lives easier. PayPal integrated an example of this last year. With these tools, marketing will be easy for you, because your brand’s convenient services will keep you top-of-mind for all of your users.
    5. It’s all about the customer – This is reiterated because in the end, the goal is to make the customer happy and be the source that they tell all of their acquaintances about. Beacons will revolutionize the “word-of-mouth” concept and help companies succeed for years to come.


Last week our own beacon efforts were recognized in an article in App Developer Magazine. We have now integrated the tool within our Captive Reach platform to improve its geolocation technology. This will help further our positive relationships with our current and potential clients. We are confident that this recent development will bring more success in the next few months. What do you, our readers, think of beacons? How would you like to see it utilized by your preferred organizations?

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