Del Mar Mobile Finishes First at the Races

By January 30, 2013Blog

Written By: Liz Rogers


For native San Diegans, as well as many tourists it’s a big deal when July rolls around. Not only does San Diego know how to celebrate July 4, but come Opening Day, San Diegans and tourists alike put on their finest attire and head to the Del Mar Racetrack to place their bets. This year was a big year for the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club – it’s been 75 years since Bing Crosby and his friends opened the racetrack, and a record-breaking 47,000 people from all over the country came to place bets, wearing over-the-top hats with drinks in hand. Del Mar Racetrack also celebrated another first; they offered an app for the races. With the help of Parallel 6, a handy mobile app called Del Mar Thoroughbred Club was created for this year’s racing activities, so that placing bets, checking the racing or event schedule, and watching recap videos is only a click away.

Opening Day, as well as the entire week that followed, was a huge success for the app. Parallel 6’s CEO David Turner attended the races on Opening Day. He said, “It was exciting to see how many people used the app to place bets. I spent time walking around, asking people what features they liked most about the app. I received so many positive responses and some great feedback.”

Although this was the first year that Del Mar Racetrack used a mobile app for the races, they actually had a mobile site available last year. The mobile app’s user-friendly platform and convenient features led to a dramatic boost in sales. Compared to using the mobile site during Opening Week 2011, sales increased by nearly 89 percent using the mobile app during Opening Week 2012.

The app continues to be available for use throughout the season. There are some unique features to using the app. For example, in order to place bets, a user must be connected to Del Mar’s free Wi-Fi network. In doing so, it keeps the betting within the racetrack’s facility. Each user that chooses to bet receives a mobile wagering card, an individual account and a pin number, so that they can place bets on their phone and feel safe doing so. There is also an option to view details about upcoming events and buy concert tickets in advance. The app also provides access to the racetrack’s gift store, ticket office and a betting calculator. To view all of the features that the app has to offer, download it for free, here.

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