We are an innovator in enterprise cloud-based technologies that enable customer engagement and real-time data insights across multiple industries through our patented platforms.

Founded in 2009, the leadership team of Parallel6TM recognized that there was a demand for giving our customers the tools to engage with their customers while having the ability to see real-time insights that would enable them to make smarter business decisions. This ultimately led to the development, and launch of our flagship products Clinical6TM, GovReach, and Captive Reach.

Clinical6TM enables clinical trial stakeholders to digitally recruit, eQualify, eConsent, and engage with clinical trial participants anywhere in the world, in any language via the web or a patients mobile device. GovReach enables government-to-citizen collaboration and efficiency with a mobile solution for citizens to engage with the government. Captive Reach is for corporate organizations that desire to engage with their customers via mobile technologies while gaining real-time data and insight on their customers’ behavior. We are headquartered in San Diego with Federal offices in Washington, D.C.