Streamline service delivery, improve customer service, and increase
internal government and government to citizen collaboration.

clients we serve:

Citizen Engagement

With demands for greater transparency and accountability, improved efficiency, and better service delivery, government organizations must understand and address the needs of their citizens. Expand government-to-citizen collaboration and efficiency with a mobile solution for citizens to engage with the government. GovReach delivers high-quality mobile engagement solutions anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Accelerate government-to-citizen mobile app deployment and drive engagement. Our platform approach for delivering and managing mobile solutions provides government organizations complete control over the user experience.

  • Streamline service delivery and improve customer service

  • Manage citizen facing apps, content and information for any user, anywhere, anytime.

  • Increase citizen to government communication through fun and interactive games

  • Drive program adoption and awareness with citizens and stakeholders

  • Delivery context aware content and communications

  • Push user specific or broad information and alerts

Mobilize Your Agency

A more connected generation of government employees is demanding adoption of mobile devices and applications in the workplace to improve communications, enable telework, and boost productivity. Demands to increase information-sharing and establish more efficient enterprise operations require a dynamic mobile solution, providing the required levels of security and privacy capabilities, while maximizing the ability for employee engagement and collaboration.

GovReach provides a secure, cloud-based platform for streamlined mobile content management, data collection and analysis, while offering tools for increased employee engagement and information-sharing.

  • Use location and profile aware push notifications to automate, deliver, and manage alerts for remote workers and internal staff

  • Manage in-app user statistics with a comprehensive reporting module

  • Mobilize agency workflow and leverage existing technology investment with seamless integration with content and agency systems

  • Engage employees with micro-aware content and push personalized content to their mobile devices

Designed for Government

Agency IT departments are increasingly tasked with building smarter and more responsive services, while looking to enable government workforce mobility and address strategic issues. Incorporating principles of the Digital Government Strategy radically improves how agencies conduct business and communicate with the public and within government.

GovReach was designed to accelerate government-to-citizen and internal, government-digital efficiency, transparency, and engagement.  We provide IT departments and mission owners innovative solutions and tools for establishing highly effective mobile engagement channels for their agency.

  • A mobile platform and development framework for managing the user experience from a single dashboard

  • Protect sensitive data with advanced content segmentation capabilities

  • Available FIPS 140-2 AES 256 Encryptions options

  • A single interface to access mobile data, business logic, engagement and identity features

  • An Open API framework for flexible data transformation

  • Fully managed and globally distributed secure cloud infrastructure or on-premise hosting options.